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Our passage into Linkdom began as a vision conceived by the organizer, Edith Hughes Patterson in the mid-1990s.

OCT. 1995

This designation marks the official beginning of our journey into Linkdom with Link Jo Ahn Brown-Nash as our Chapter Establishment Officer. Chapter-elect status was awarded in October 1995.

FEB. 1995

As this vision evolved, The Hoosier Capital League was recognized as an interest group by The Links, Incorporated in February 1995.

FALL 1995

During the Fall of 1995, Indianapolis welcomed its second chapter of The Links, Incorporated.

OCT. 1995

Officially on November 18, 1995, the Circle City (IN) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated was chartered during an elaborate weekend of activities and celebrations. The chartering activities were led by the National Vice Presi-dent, Link Barbara Dixon Simpkins and the Area Director, Link Delores Henderson.

With enthusiasm and a heart for service, twenty-five women embraced Linkdom to become the 5th chapter in the state of Indiana.

The charter members of the Circle City (IN) Chapter of the Links Incorporated were Links: Billie Sanders, Gail Barrett, Cynthia Bates, Marcha Bennett, Margo Blair, Barbara Boyd, Rosie Hicks, Judie Carmichael,

Dorothy R. Crenshaw, Cyn-thia Desadier, Diana Daniels, Azea Davis, Jann McMillian, Annette Henderson, Delores Kennedy Williams, Marie Rahman, Edith Patterson, Yvonne Perkins, De-lorise Rainey, Debra Simmons Wilson, Deborah Hearn Smith,

Betty Stewart, Mildred Varnado, Myrna Waller and Barbara Williams. Twelve of the original members remain active to date.

Service in Memory of Sisters

We honor our Link sisters, Link Barbara Williams and Link Dannée J. Neal, who have transitioned but whose spirit and rich legacy are forever etched in our hearts and minds. Locally, we sponsor two fundraising events that provide support and promote awareness of our systemic programming efforts:

  1. The Annual Father’s Day Jazz Brunch, now in its 16th year, seeks to recognize African American Fathers in our community who are selfless in giving support and service to others.​

  2. “A Home for the Holidays” launches the holiday season by showcasing homes decorated in holiday splendor by Indy’s top designers.

Both events allow us to sustain our support and service to a variety of programs in our community. These include awarding an annual scholarship to a minority high school graduate who is pursuing a degree in the Arts at a four-year accredited institution, supporting the Sister to Sister Network for Breast Cancer Survivors and Komen Tissue Bank and supporting the Coburn Place Safe Haven for domestic violence victims.

Serving Globally as well as Locally

As a chapter, we not only serve our community with passion and unrelenting commitment but we engage in a number of international programs as well. Our most notable efforts to date include building a wing of the Marcus Garvey School and Health Center in Senegal.


After almost two decades of creating success stories, this diverse and talented group has soared and thrived as a chapter. Its membership now totals 50 including 7 alumnae. With our passion, talent and resources we will continue to build our legacy of implementing programs that enhance and sustain the quality of life for citizens of the world.

Chapter Presidents

Chapter President: 1994-1997: Link Myrna Waller

Chapter President: 1997-2001: Link Yvonne Perkins

Chapter President: 2001-2005: Link Deborah Hearn Smith

Chapter President: 2005-2009: Link Azea Davis

Chapter President: 2009-2012: Link Roschelle Major Banks

Chapter President: 2012-2015: Link Dorothy Crenshaw

Chapter President: 2015-present: Link Debra Simmons Wilson


Scott-Hawkins Leadership Fellows

Cohort IV: 2010-2012: Link Anika Calloway

Cohort VI: 2014-2016: Link Katasha S. Butler

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