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National Trends and Services facet addresses the significant economic and social inequalities that continue to persist amongst African Americans in the United States. These disparities significantly affect African Americans in the areas of education, income, health and employment. The focus of this facet has been to provide community programs that increase awareness of issues that affect the quality of life of African Americans.

The vision of the National Trends and Services Facet is to eliminate disparities and reduce barriers to services through leadership, education and service. The mission is to effectively enable our membership so that we can empower the communities in which we work.

Currently, our local National Trends and Services Facet encompasses the following linkages, signature programs and committees:

  • Legislative Issues, Public Affairs and Disaster Relief

  • Dress For Success/PWG “Sisters in Success”

  • Voter Education

  • Coburn Place Health Fair and Quality of Life Initiatives

  • Marion County Health Department Sponsored Health Fair for Coburn Place

  • Women’s Business Symposium with Alpha Kappa Alpha

  • Collaboration with the African American Coalition on various community forums

  • Engagement Empowerment - Black and Latino Policy Institute​

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